This "feature" is for one of the band's favorite artists in the world, 
Mayumi "Suzy" Kawasuji.
Suzy, who lives in Japan, has sent us some amazing artwork through the mail. Her packages are always very intricate and beautiful, both inside and out. She obviously puts a lot of time into the entire presentation, making the entire package a work of art. We had the pleasure of meeting Suzy last summer when we were in Tokyo. I'd like to post a bunch of Suzy's art on the web page, but I guess I should get her permission first. So if you are out there Suzy, this is for you! Send us an email if you can!
"Hello! I am THE ART OBJECT. I was sent to Athens, Georgia by Suzy (who created me). I am made of glass and I make a soothing sound when you shake me. It's nice to meet you!"
"Here's the comfortable box I traveled in."
"Pete opens the box. There are lots of really cool drawings and stuff inside. It looks like he's smelling it. Maybe he is? I don't know."
"John shows me on the globe how far I've traveled."
"Here's where I used to live!"
"Asia is lumpy and uncomfortable to sit upon."

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