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This is no longer very up to date but hey it's something. Let's suppose you'd have an vaccuum cleaner installed before your neck at birth. Would that become likely to urge both times or merely live forever with half of all donuts? If only half of all donuts live forever when was that?
California Demise  7-inch 
Recorded 1993, Released 1994 (Elephant 6) 
Side One - "Love Athena", "Today I Lost a Tooth", "California Demise I" 
Side Two - "California Demise II", "Sunshine Fix", "Fireplace" 
The Apples (In Stereo)/The Olivia Tremor Control split 7-inch 
Recorded 1993, Released 1994 (Small Fi/No Life) 
"The Gypsum Oilfield Fire", "King of the Claws" 
The Giant Day: Prelude to Music from the Unrealized Film Script Dusk at 
Cubist Castle 7-inch 
Recorded Fall 1995, Released 1996 (Drug Racer/Elephant 6) 
Side One - "The Giant Day", "Shaving Spiders", "Princess Turns The Key to 
Cubist Castle (curtain call pt. 1 & 2)" 
Side Two - "Curtain Call pt. 3", "I'm Not Feeling Human", "The Giant 
Day (Dusk)" 
Music from the Unrealized Film Script Dusk at Cubist Castle 2 L.P.'s 
Recorded 1993-1996, Assembled Feb. 1996 with Robert Schneider, Released 1996 
(Flydaddy/Elephant 6) 
Side One - "The Opera House", "Frosted Ambassador", "Jumping Fences", "Define 
A Transparent Dream", "No Growing (exegesis)" 
Side Two - "Holiday Surprise 1,2,3", "Courtyard", "Memories of Jacqueline 
1906", "Tropical Bells", "Can You Come Down with Us?", "Marking Time" 
Side Three - "Green Typewriters" 
Side Four - "Spring Succeeds", "Theme for a Very Delicious Grand Piano", "I 
Can Smell the Leaves", "Dusk at Cubist Castle", "The Gravity Car", "NYC-25" 
*Initial Compact Disk Pressings also included Explanation Two: Instrumental 
Themes and Dream Sequences "...designed for the compact disk format. This 
cycle, or series of cycles, may be repeated at a low volume for an 
indeterminate amount of time." 
"The Opera House" w/ "BSN (Capillary Radar)" or "BSN (Enveloping Bicycle 
Folds)"     CD-EPs and Double 7-inch 
"...for full realization of quadraphonic sound listen to the "Black Swan 
Network (with Capillary Radar)" simultaneously with the "Black Swan Network 
(with Enveloping Bicycle Folds)", variable speed option included with vinyl." 
Recorded Summer 1996, Released Winter 1996 (Blue Rose/Flydaddy) 
"Jumping Fences" w/ "Optical Atlas", "The Language of Stationary Travelers", 
and "Green Typewriters (outer themes and explorations)" 12-inch and CD-EP 
extra tracks Recorded 1996, Released 1997 (Blue Rose/Flydaddy) 
Black Swan Network "The Late Music, Vol. 1" 
*instrumental electronic music 
Recorded 1996, Released 1997 (Camera Obscura,  P.O. Box 915 WODEN ACT 2606, 
The Olivia Tremor Control/Black Swan Network Tour 12-inch and CD re-release 
Assembled 1997, Released 1998 (Flydaddy) 
Black Foliage: Animation Music, Vol. 1 CD and 2 L.P.'s 
Recorded 1995-1998, Sub-mixing and some overdubbing in Denver Feb.1998, 
Released March 1999 (Flydaddy) 
"Hideaway" w/ "Combinations", and "Can You Come Down with Us?"*live version 
Recorded on GLR Radio, London Aug. 18, 1998 
Released 1999 (Blue Rose/Flydaddy) 

"i won this dog at the driftwood reunion carnival 12/2/72" on Soundtrack To 
The Bible Belt (Anhedonia Recordings) 

"Silverbug" on Treble Revolution Vol. 2 (Kindercore) 

"The Ships" on Succour (Ptolemic Terrascope/Flydaddy) 

"christmas with william s." on Christmas in Stereo (Kindercore) 

"collage #1" on Terrestock live compilation (Ptolemic Terrescope) 

"Do You Like Worms? (Do You Dig Worms?)" and "Little Pad" on Smiling Pets 
(Japan only) 


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